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Children with Medical Handicaps (CMH)

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CMH is a federal, state and locally funded program that provides comprehensive care and services to eligible families of children (under 21 years of age) with special health care needs. Public health nurses assist with application and offer support and coordination for participating families.


Program Mission

The mission of CMH is to assure, through the development and support of high quality coordinated systems, that families of children with special health care needs obtain comprehensive care and services that are family-centered, community-based and culturally competent. Families with Medicaid or private health insurance may use CMH as a back up to help cover the costs associated with their child’s CMH diagnosis.


Available Services

  • Diagnostic Program – Provides evaluation, diagnosis and development of a treatment plan for potentially handicapping chronic conditions.
  • Treatment Program – Provides for the on-going treatment of eligible children. Examples of some eligible diagnosis are: cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, cleft lip/palate, diabetes, epilepsy, hearing loss, heart defects, and birth defects. Note: CMH does not cover all services an eligible child with handicapping conditions may require.
  • Services Coordination Program – CMH provides coordinators who help families develop a plan of care that addresses the needs of the family and eligible child. The service coordinator also helps identify available resources.
  • CMH and Public Health Nurses – Public health nurses work closely with CMH families. They identify children with special health care needs; help families find and use services needed by their child; explain the CMH program and CMH’s Letter of Approval; and help families complete forms and paperwork.